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CEO Message

Dear customers,

HiCon was founded with my innovative solutions to the technology limitations of spring probe pin, test & BI test sockets and connectors. Providing those solutions to the customers, HiCon has rapidly grown to become the world leading interconnection solution provider.

As the electronics industry has been rapidly evolving requiring smaller and thinner mobile and wearable devices, HiCon’s solutions to interface technologies for IC with finer pitch and larger I/O are becoming much more competitive than ever.

I present Hr-Contact and Single Beam Burn In test socket for the customers searching for innovative and reliable solutions that our competitors have never offered. Our customers have enhanced their test performance and also achieved best cost and best lead time with our solutions.

The synergies of our investment in R&D, innovative product design, automated manufacturing system engineering enable us to meet your present and future requirements. We hope to support you to make your present and future products successful with our endless innovation.


Dan. Hwang
CEO, HiCon Co., Ltd.

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